J.Hüttemann D.Powalla M.Franzkowiak 

Ein virtuelles Gemählde von Thomas Cremanns Düsseldorf ...die hat sogar mein Arzt gekauft! 

Noch ein Geheimtip: 
Hüttemann & Powalla
im Trio mit Manfred Franzkowiak (g). 

Überragend hier:
das rhythmisch komplexe "New Grand Open" 
(Albrecht Piltz Keyboards 08/99)

Performance, Production, Edit and Composition 
(c)(p) 1995-1996 by: 

Jörg Hüttemann
Dieter Powalla
Manfred Franzkowiak

Bonus Track: 

(c)(p) 1996 by: 
Dieter Powalla

We don't know much about the fact that you can't watch free quarks, not yet...but tiny
particles called Gluons, transmitting the strong force between quarks, tend to build up new
particles at a very high energy level...these particles are called (1) GLUON BALLS
(3'23 - 2 Dec 95)
...Gaia's sleep has come to an end...the quantum jump of the next
evolution is (2) THE AWAKENING (4'00 - 20 Oct 95)...haven't you heard 'bout our
gig via subspace channel last week?...well, listen to (3) JAM (1'19 - 24 Nov 95)...we've
got the 'Free Space Club'... the right place whenever avant-garde's creating art...(4)
is our tribute to it
now...one decade after the 'Starship Caravan' began a long journey (remember: 'VAK
Space Nites')...this is (5) STARSHIP CARAVAN chapter III (6'10 - 23 Jun 96)...
awareness... Gaia sees...Gaia hears...Gaia knows... Gaia feels (6) ANTICIPATION (5'27
- 20 Oct 95)
...there's a group of creatures which used to live in paradise... but they can't
find the reason why those two-legged fellows are destroying their world... they are (7)
...when questions are answered
and areas are explored (remember: 'Tentative Version'), then it's time for (8) NEW
GRAND OPEN (5'53 - 2 Dec 95)
...meanwhile, Gaia has been reached its full
mind-expansion...and with kind of a grin it's enjoying and (9) TASTING (3'02 - 20 Oct
...it needs to move and it wants to surf upon the waves of material and energy, it has to
get (10) INTO THE SOLAR WIND (2'31 - 20 Oct 95)...according to an old
legendary, Gaia will find its companion and experience the miracle of (11) FUSION
(6'50 - 20 Oct 95)
...yes, one bonus track again: (excerpt from D.P.'s 'Holo-Moon-Project')
the rough mix (12) HOLO-MOON-SUITE (9'39 - 18 Oct 96)...

fantasyline 3 personnel: 

JÖRG HÜTTEMANN: keys, sound
& sequence programming, effects on tracks 1-11, and after
all, cd-writing

guitars, sample treatment, cut arranging, effects on all
tracks, cover idea and background story... 

guitars, effects on track 1-11.

..technical note: this copy is quasi-un-pre-mastered...actually, we didn't
use any equalizers, compressors, limiters, maximizers or any other stuff
like that at all...why?...you figure it out! multiple choice now: + we need
some more time... + we need some more money... + this is pure
music... + this is pure nonsense... thank you for flying FL3...please
fasten your seat belts and stop smoking...

E-Mail von Lutz Deterra, Keyboarder und Progammierer für Taiyo und Technics/ Japan

 Kommentar zu FantasyLine 3:

 Hi Jörg!

Heute ist sie angekommen, Deine CD. Habe sie gleich eingelegt und die ganze Zeit laufen gehabt. Große Klasse muß ich sagen!! Besonders gefällt mir, wie Du das/den/die WSA so richtig schön zum Schmatzen und Fauchen bringst.

Auch wenn Deine Musik mir in einigen Bereichen etwas schwer zugänglich ist, erreichen diese Klänge - oder besser "Klangbilder" - bei mir ganz spezielle emotionale Ebenen, die ich dank Deiner Musik vielleicht jetzt etwas näher kennenlernen kann. Manchmal habe ich (bei Deiner CD) den Eindruck in ein sogenanntes 3-D-Bild zu schauen. Ich meine diese Bilder (unter dem Namen "Magic-Eye"), auf die man erst eine Weile starren muß, bis sich plötzlich eine dritte Dimension öffnet, und man glaubt in das Bild wirklich "hinein schauen" zu können. Aber wie bei diesen Bildern, muß man auch erst einmal in der Lage sein sich auf solch ein Abenteuer einzulassen bzw. sich dementsprechend zu lockern und zu entspannen.

 Den Drum-Loop im Track8 finde ich besonders gelungen.

 Jedenfalls, nochmals vielen Dank für die CD. Sie läuft übrigens schon wieder. Ideal beim E-mailen!!!

 CIAO  Ld 7.6.98     

Fantasy Line 3 is another collaborative album from Jörg Hüttemann and his friends. This time the album is
synth and guitars-led, with few techno rhythms. In style I guess you could say it is a mixture of Tangerine
Dream-like electronica and Weather Report/Mahavishnu Orchestra-type fusion. Fantasy Line 3 appears to be
a concept album, loosely drawn around the Gaia mythology, and being totally instrumental your mind can put
the pictures to the music. With track titles such as Gluon Balls [something to do with Quarks - don't ask!],
The Awakening, Recently at the Free Space Club, Starship Caravan, Solar Wind and Holo-Moon Suite the
sci-fi fan should enjoy this as well. In musical terms this album is quite adventurous, mixing jazz fusion and
space rock with ambience and electronica. I really enjoyed this album from the first track, all three musicians
play well together and there is much to enjoy here. 

M. Peters "The Borderland" Webzine GB 2001